Creating a healthier and wealthier Commonwealth

A vision for the Commonwealth

Our vision is to create a unique, knowledge-based professional environment to act as a catalyst for the fast growing trade potential which the Commonwealth, as a voluntary association of members with shared values and aspirations, inspires.

Focal points for trade links

We provide focal points by land and sea around the world for promoting and facilitating safe, resilient and equitable trade within and on behalf of the Commonwealth.

Commerce in an ethical context

Our platforms increase opportunities for social, economic and commercial growth for individuals, businesses and organisations aligned within the Commonwealth’s Charter and social ethics.

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The Commonwealth Argosy Group is a group of companies that focus on specialist business activities. Each of these activities supports the primary aim, which is to encourage business and trade links between the nations of the Commonwealth. They build together to create the vision of a healthier, wealthier Commonwealth of nations.

Commonwealth Argosy is the lead company that runs these three revenue activities:

The Commonwealth Resilience Forum is a regular schedule of policy-making forums bringing together academics, government and diplomats to tackle issues surrounding the international blue economy.

Argosy Calendar is our C-Suite knowledge and networking platform aimed at increasing business links and trade across the Commonwealth. The subject matter embraces the 16 sections of the Commonwealth Charter. The Calendar draws its speakers and thought-leaders from across the diplomatic, business and third-sector communities.

Argosy Build

Argosy Build is our practical development and capacity-building practice. We provide high-level mentoring and professional development in a range of subject areas including: Conflict Resolution; [...]

Commonwealth Argosy leads the group’s three other businesses and organisations:

Argosy Events

Commonwealth Argosy Events manages the Argosy Club and provides regular high-level professional networking for business owners and directors who have an interest in international business.  The [...]

Argosy Design promotes the very best product design and designers across the Commonwealth. It encourages and champions fair trade and environmentally-sustainable production and distribution, and seeks to stimulate creative development and innovation.

Argosy Foundation

The Commonwealth Argosy Foundation is an independent not-for-profit company that exists to give grant support in three main areas of activity:  Marine scientific research Education [...]

Some of our recent events:

These are some of our honoured partner organisations

Royal Commonwealth Society
Royal Commonwealth Society
Peace Child International
Peace Child International
Plymouth University
Plymouth University
Royal Warrant Holders Association
Royal Warrant Holders Association

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