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The 2017 Programme covers The Evolving Nature of Sovereign State Hyper-Competition

Risks, Challenges, Opportunities and Roles for the Commonwealth

A joint programme run by the Institute for Statecraft and Commonwealth Resilience Forum


The world is currently experiencing the highest level of interstate competition in several decades, with former powers reasserting themselves and new powers and ideas emerging to challenge the Post-Cold War order. This is compounded by economic instability, environmental change and massive populations shifts. The effects are being felt across the full geo-political spectrum, from sovereign security, national resilience through to trade; protagonists are employing a wide range of new strategies beyond traditional diplomacy and military intervention, such as Cyber and Hybrid Warfare.


To identify a potential role for The Commonwealth in addressing current trends in inter-state competition.


  • To bring together a group of informed and interested people – across a range of roles and disciplines – to asses the current situation.
  • To identify a potential role and benefits for both The Commonwealth and its member nations.
  • To deliver a range of recommendations to a wider audience


Six, monthly two hour (lunchtime) modules at £25.00 and students £15.00 per module (includes light lunch).


Institute for Statecraft, 2 Temple Place, London, WC2R 3BD

Programme Leadership

Chris Donnelly CMG, TD; Institute for Statecraft. Please read more about Chris Donnelly here.

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