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Date: 29th June 2016, 10:00-17:00. Registration begins at 09:15.

Venue: Cavalry and Guards Club,127 Piccadilly, London.

A workshop covering the key aspects of monitoring and protecting human rights at sea.

The migration crises facing regions and individual nations in Europe, the Far East and Indian Ocean have rightly prompted a debate of the efficacy of procedures and national policy approaches to sea-borne migration and human trafficking.

However, there are other aspects of maritime activities where human rights abuses are less well publicised, but nevertheless just as legally and morally unacceptable. As part of our continuing programme focusing on the ‘Commonwealth Maritime’ we turn our attention from political and economic security to human security.  

In a number of marine industries human rights abuses and the denial of basic employment rights remain unchecked and often unchallenged. These include international fishing fleets, the merchant services under flags of convenience, public transportation, and operations in disputed waters.

Outline Programme

  • Introduction to maritime human rights issues – David Hammond, CEO Human Rights at Sea.
  • The human rights and judicial aspects of Piracy.
  • The practical and moral aspects of human trafficking.
  • Slavery and indentured labour at sea.
  • The human aspects of terrorism at sea.

Our expert speakers are drawn from the North Sea Marine Cluster, the University of London, the University of Hull, and the Greenwich Forum, and leading human rights charities. The Workshop will be of interest to marine service industries, academics, security specialists, human rights policy advisors, lawyers, and marine charities. 

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